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Mad Men 6

Posted on the 05 April 2013 by Lady Eve @TheLaydeeEve
When Mad Men returned to the air waves (and all those second and third screens) last year, nearly 18 months had elapsed since the previous season. Die-hard fans like me barely survived the overlong wait. When the premiere date for season five was finally announced, I decided to celebrate with a month-long blog event. Sunday Night is Mad Men Night was a joint effort with four blogger friends who each assessed the award-winning series from a different point of view:
FlickChick, of A Person in the Dark, contemplated past versus present through the authentic period detail the series is famed for with Mad Men: Now and Then and Back Again.
Whistlingypsy, whose blog is Distant Voices and Flickering Shadows, took a thoughtful look at the series via some of its key female characters in The Feminine Mystique of Mad Men.
Christian Esquevin, author of Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label and the blog Silver Screen Modiste, reflected on the series through its iconic Mad Men Style.
Motorcycle Boy, a contributor to The Lady Eve’s Reel Life, gazed into Mad Men: Through a Glass Darkly, linking the series narrative and its themes to the roots of addiction.
My own piece was a wide-ranging Meditation on Mad Men.
And now that Mad Men 6 is about to begin it is perhaps a good time to look back at where season five ended...and consider where the new season may take us.



Top: The Francis and Draper families, season 6; lower left, Peggy on her own; lower right, three partners

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