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Mad About Futbol- Special Guest Eduardo Sacheri

By Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11
Eduardo Sacheri Mad About Futbol

Argentine author and Oscar winner Eduardo Sacheri ( Facebook)

This week on the Mad About Futbol …  Juan and Mike are joined by famous Argentine writer Eduardo Sacheri.

Sacheri, a lifelong Independiente fan, is one of the most popular writers in all of Latin America as he began his career writing fictional football tales and his career would evolve into writing for various sport publications such as El Gráfico. He has also written books such as the book that ended up becoming an Oscar-winning movie, The Secret In Their Eyes.  His soccer tales are amongst the most popular in Latin America. Those same tales have been narrated on radio and became part of that country’s football lore as he discusses the passion for the game from many different social strata and also touching on several issues in Argentine society . On the show he discusses the passon that enveloped the Superclásico as well as the current situation in Argentine football both at the club and national team level. The guys also talk some literature, culture and film with this award- winning author. Sacheri also talks to the guys about his experience leading up to the night where his book , that was turned into a movie would end up earning the highest honor in the film industry.  He also talks about the need for change in the overall culture of Argentine football that is needed right now in order to revert the situation that it is in. We also get an in-depth perspective of “fatherhood” for Mike as he has to deal with his puppy during the recording  of the show.  Truly a brilliant interview of one of the best writers in Latin America. This interview, of course is exclusively found on Mad About Futbol. Follow Juan and Mike on Twitter. You can also follow Eduardo on his Facebook page.

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