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M is We – Feels Like Five Days

Posted on the 16 August 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
M is We – Feels like five days

Silber Records' 5in5 series is ramping up again with another heap of artists putting out records that cram 5 songs into 5 minutes. This latest release comes from gothic punk rockers M is We. The group manage to bring out a dark industrial atmosphere with some raw energy blasting its way through these 5 tracks.

The EP opens with 'Three hour wait, 30 second ride'. An ode to the struggles of taking ones children to movie world perhaps? The song brings in a slow and gradual drone industrial wall of sound. 'Tired' picks up the energy and charges along with a slow burning post punk rock sound and some faint echoing vocals. The song could have easily been expanded to be something longer but nevertheless it packs some great sounds into a very tiny space. 'Princess frown' is reminiscent of Easy Cure's work. There is a fought and raw atmosphere and some hypnotic drumming. 'Bled bleed' is a dark yet faint gothic offering. There is a bleak yet intriguing atmosphere. The EP closes with the slow droney sounds of 'Fading' that sees distortion blast out in a placid kind of way.

M is We have certainly captured a lot of activity and feeling in this 5 minute space. However each track felt like it was cut off too soon and left me wanting much more. This is nevertheless a great, brief journey through some compelling bleak soundscapes.

Check out Silber Records' website to find out more!

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