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By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

Firstly I have to apologise, I missed the Indie Ink Challenge deadline.  These last few weeks have been more than crazy – and I remembered my deadline today but left myself an hour to write and upload.  Or at least so I thought.  For some reason I was thinking Thursday at 10pm ….not 9pm as it really is (EST), so I apologize for not getting this done on time, but to Airicka, who gave me this prompt, I hope you enjoy reading it if just for yourself – sorry it is short (and hopefully sweet).


She closed her eyes, just for a moment.

Imagined his hands on her waist, his body, heavy on hers.

Light moist kisses down the left side of her neck.

Heavy breathing, warm breath grazing her ear

The pleasant shiver traveling down her spine as he moved his hands over her body shook her physically and mentally.

Her pulse raced and her lips parted.

She ran her tongue across her lips as she arched her back and let out a pleasure-filled moan.


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He cleared his throat as he observed her in her own private nirvana.

She opened her eyes and realized that she was so lost in her own imagination that she was inadvertently acting it out in reality.

She sat at the edge of her seat in her semi-private cubicle, tightly grasping her mouse without even realizing it.

She felt the heat that had emanated throughout her her body dissipate too quickly and re-appear in her cheeks as blood rushed to her face and shame enveloped her senses.

She could not meet his gaze, but felt his clear, blue eyes burrowing into her psyche, stripping away all her defenses, exposing all her secret thoughts.

He was smirking.  The same arrogant, knowing smirk he had given her that night, after the office party.

She had been watching him for months, but when he came up to her and kissed her under the mistletoe, she could not seem to control herself. 

After all, what temptations could a kiss provoke, but those of the flesh?

The first time, in the men’s washroom was rushed and amazing, the way secret trysts tend to be.  Rushed love, ripped clothing and muffled moans.

The second time in his office was a bit more erotic, slow and steady, quiet, sweet on his large hard wood desk.

The third time in his car was just spectacular.  Mind-blowing, loud, sexy and secret.

The day after he was just her boss again.  Business like, arrogant but with that oh-so-sexy smile.

At least, that’s how she imagined it will be.

She couldn’t wait for tomorrow.  The office party would be spectacular.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Airicka Phoenix challenged me with “What temptations could a kiss provoke, but those of the flesh?” and I challenged Chaos Mandy with “When she looked up, a sight that she would never have imagined greeted her”.

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