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LUSH Easter 2015

By Hellofreckles @tashajsteel
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Bunch of CarrotsI love a good limited edition range from LUSH and their Easter collection is well worth a look. I popped into my local store to see which products are on sale this Easter, with a few new ones and some old favourites returning.
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Fluffy Egg
Fluffy Egg is one I'm sure lots of people will be pleased to see. With the old familiar Snow Fairy scent, this pink egg will tide you over until Christmas comes back around (yes I realize that sounds a bit odd since it's only March...) If you like your sweet scents, you'll want to stock up on a few of these!
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Immaculate Eggception
Immaculate Eggception is back too. This huge bath bomb will easily give you three good soaks. Just break apart the shell and use one side for each, then enjoy the treat inside for your final bath. If you liked the Love Locket for Valentine's Day this is a similar idea (and size) The name's pretty punny too if you're into that sorta thing.
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Golden Egg
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Golden Egg Water
Golden Egg is a seriously glittery affair. Coated in cocoa butter, the outer shell melts away to reveal the bath bomb below. It's a slow fizzer so you can watch the show whilst you relax. I'm quite excited to give this one a go, even if the bath resembles a disco ball afterwards!
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Hoppity Poppity
Make sure you pick up Hoppity Poppity for a cute bath treat. This little bunny is a fizzy bath bomb filled with popping candy to crackle as it whizzes around the tub.
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Carrot Soap
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
Carrot Soap is back and this year we've got Somewhere Over The Rainbow too, which has a sweet citrus scent and looks incredible. As you'd guessed from the name it's a rainbow, with glitter. If the Unicorn Horn from the Valentine's Day range was a favourite, this may be one to look for. Another one to look out for if you're a fan of Carrot Soap and that incredible blackcurrant scent is Bunch of Carrots, a bubble bar you swish under running water to get some serious bubbles. You should be able to get around 9-10 baths out of one bunch too.
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Pot O Gold Shower Jelly
Pot O' Gold is very exciting if you're a fellow shower jelly fan. Not only does it look incredible, I mean you're gonna want to show that off, just look at it it! but it smells great too. Orange peel, myrrh and pineapple juice make this decadent scented treat, it's almost a rich chocolatey scent. Have a sniff and let me know if you agree?
Hello Freckles LUSH Easter 2015 Gifts
There's plenty of gifts to chose from, I really like the ethos behind the Be Happy gift, which contains a little treat for you and something that's fairtrade or charity made, so you're giving back to others too. A great way to feel good for spending and the knot wrap is reusable too. I'm told the carrot gift glows in the dark which is a pretty cool concept.
Have you seen the Easter range in LUSH? Which products will you be picking up?
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LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015LUSH Easter 2015

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