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By Kate_miller


Blacksmith Lupine

Bird's eye view of a Blacksmith Lupine who finally decided to bloom because I finally got around to watering her. :)
Lupines have a tough time in my garden -- they prefer more water and definitely better soil.
I have to grow Lupines in my garden because -- back in my childhood days in Minnesota, the wild Lupine hunt was an annual event! That no one attended! Other than myself and a fellow gardener who absolutely loved finding patches of purple Lupines growing wild in the Minnesota woodlands.
If you live in Utah, as I do, be prepared for pink petals in later years. They tend to change colors thanks to our alkaline soils. [Amend with gypsum.]
* When growing by seed, let seeds soak for at least 24 hours. The seeds are very hard. Soaking will soften the seeds and encourage them to sprout.

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