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Lunch with Lynn/Under 20 Eats: Le Petit Olivier

By Eyepreferparis88 @eyepreferparis

PETIT OLIVIER-1Lynn has written this edition of Lunch with Lynn/Under 20 Eats

It isn’t winter yet but it is Paris and I was glad I wore my black wooly cape over my summer clothes as Richard and I made our way along rue du Cherche-Midi, frisky autumn winds at our heels. We were looking for the perfect under 20 euro Lunch with Lynn restaurant, stopping here and there, checking menu formulas, usually between 15 and 20 euros, and not even considering Le Bien-Décidé, Gerard Depardieu’s restaurant and cave at the far end of the street, which he no doubt visits on return trips from Russia where he now lives, finding the taxes there less onerous than in France (or non-existent?).  Someone mentioned recently he drinks 14 bottles of wine a day (in memory of the homeland, perhaps), but I don’t believe that.
Richard was getting ready for his photo show with Meredith Mullins which opens in today, September 25,  at 102, rue du Cherche-Midi -- ta da—the reason we’re in the neighborhood. Suddenly, voilà, we find a charmer: Le Petit Olivier, owned by L. Dewynter, the card says, a tiny bistrot with musique classique and Perrier and whiskey bottles on the tables hand painted and filled with water.  Okay.  Through the dimly lit open doorway there’s a walk space with four tables on each side, all filled with French people, no doubt on lunch break.


We sit outside at a sidewalk table under the heat lamp. I decide on the 15 euro formula, a chevre chaud (warm goat cheese) salad for starters, and a canard confit, duck cured with salt and roasted in its own fat. The chevre chaud has a fine little dressing, but it is the canard that is just wonderful, tender and meaty and not overwhelmed by salt like a confit can sometimes be. And the roasted potatoes, although a bit too much duck fat in the cooking, are also light on salt.  The French have really understood that salt can be hazardous to your health, not even any salt and pepper sets to be seen on the tables.  
Richard chose à la carte a lentil salad and then a cassoulet, a white bean casserole cooked with sausage and often duck, as Richard’s is. Both my confit and his cassoulet are specialties of Gascony in the southwest of France, an area known for its hardy cuisine.  Richard loved his cassoulet but almost couldn’t finish it, a first since our time together visiting restaurants –now that’s a compliment.
My formula gave me the right to a dessert besides my starter and main dish. Surprisingly, the desserts were all in a cold case at the back of the restaurant where the piano stood and which, the owner said, was played by anyone who wanted to sit down at it. Musique classique, perhaps. There were at least eight different kinds of desserts in little ceramic dessert cups, plus an apple crumble on the table beside the case. To my delight, I could choose any one I wanted, a first for me in Paris. I chose a chocolate pot de crème (for the vitamin B, of course).  The Frenchman next to me had a lemon curd-like pudding and said it was very fine.
All in all, Le Petit Olivier was a lovely discovery, very French and a long, long way from Russia.

Le Petit Olivier
82, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006
Metro : Saint-Placide/ Vaneau
06 17 18 02 83
Open everyday
Formule 10e/15/20 e

Just a reminder to please attend our photo vernissage/opening tonight and if you can’t make it, please stop by the gallery on another day.

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Lunch with Lynn/Under 20 Eats: Le Petit Olivier

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