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Lully Bear

By Evette Garside @evette77

Lully bearLully bear

We are very happy to be sent our very own just launched Lully bear. Lully makes a great gift, comforter and friend to babies and young children.

He arrives in a beautiful case as shown above and comes with a personalised certificate.

Lully bear
Lully bear

He comes dressed in pyjamas ready for bed. Small bear or doll clothes will fit him too. He's very cute and cuddly and just the right size for tiny hands.

Lully bear has special buttons on his paws. These buttons activate beautiful lullabies and songs. to aid peaceful sleep for kids and adults alike. He sings 23 different songs in total including You are my sunshine, Over the rainbow and When you wish upon a star. All the songs are activated by pressing his hand and all are calming soft lovely songs. His feet buttons have volume switches. He will stop singing his self after an hour or so and there is also an off switch for parents on the battery pack.

"LULLY is designed to grow and adapt to your child's needs. Working as a gentle sleep aid in the early months, this soft, soothing bear calms both at bedtime and on-the-go, acting as a valuable companion on journeys or in unfamiliar environments. LULLY includes full care and usage instructions that fully comply with EU standards and align with NHS guidance on safe sleeping, plus every LULLY Bear comes beautifully boxed with a personalised certificate making it the perfect newborn, christening or celebration gift."

Lully bear
Lully bear

Lully Bear costs just under £60 which isn't cheap. It does make a lovely baby gift and nursery accessory and is a bear that a child can keep forever. To find out more and purchase the bear; visit

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