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Lulav on Har Habayit (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
this group snuck a lulav and esrog on to Har Habayit and successfully performed the d'oraita mitzva of shaking the 4 species (no place more d'oraita than on Har Habayit)..
unfortunately it had to be snuck on, but they weren't caught and nobody was arrested, unlike in previous years when it was tried. Hopefully one day soon we will be allowed to pray openly and perform our religious rituals openly and without fear of arrest.
This does remind me of the time a few years ago I went up on Har Habayit on Sukkos and someone brought along small pieces of the 4 species. While he was not fulfilling any commandment by it, he found it symbolic at the time. He had one leaf of a lulav, one myrtle leaf, one willow leaf and an esrog.

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