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Lucy Griffiths Talks True Blood To TV Guide

Posted on the 06 July 2012 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Lucy Griffiths Talks True Blood To TV GuideEver since the season started we wanted to know more about Eric’s (Alexander Skaragard) vampire sister Nora who is played by Lucy Griffiths.  She has been more the happy to talk about her character (as much as she can) to different media outlets and this time she talked to TV Guide.  In the past episodes we have found out that Nora wasn’t the only traitor but Lucy has said that her character will soon fight back against Roman (Christopher Meloni).

So we know her character is fighting for her life to stay alive.  But will she really be able to get out of the Authority’s clutches?

“She is going to try, and I think Eric is going to help her, too.”

So will Nora change her mind on which side she is really on?

“I don’t know if it’s ever going to be a question of her changing her mind.  I think what Nora does is she has two loyalties.  She has a loyalty to Eric and a Loyalty to the Authority.  What it becomes is a case of trying to step outside the situation and see who’s really retuning her loyalty, and trying to be objective about whether it’s healthy for her to remain part of the Authority or not, and whether letting Eric guide her, and trusting him as opposed to trusting her faith, might be a better idea.”

So will her character and Eric ever have to go against one another this season?

“They’re not quite against each other and they never fight against each other, they fight between themselves.  Their connection is very strong so if they are fighting it’s for the sake of what’s going on around them.  It’s personal as well, which makes it more dramatic.  They don’t get along all the time.  They do fight.”

To read more of the interview you can check it out here.  What are your thoughts about Lucy’s character so far this season?? Tell us below.

Source: TVGuide.com – “True Blood’s Lucy Griffiths on the “Aggressive” Vampire Civil War”

Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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