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Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

Posted on the 02 February 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

As a serial entrepreneur, I've learned, among other things, that online success depends in large part on the understanding of your visitors. According to my test and my numbers, the best way to know exactly what your readers need (without asking them to fill in forms) is to use a Thermal map or Heatmap tool.

Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

I've tried many of these tools, but Lucky Orange stands out in every way. It's not just a Heatmap tool, but a complete set of tools for website optimization and usability analysis.

As an online business owner and site owner, you need to be able to understand visitor behavior, create and diagnose funnels, identify causes of site abandonment, and then optimize them for better results.

Analysis of Lucky Orange 2019

Lucky Orange is one of the best analytics programs to track how visitors interact with your site. With Lucky Orange, you can ask visitors what they are looking for by creating surveys that can be tailored to their needs. You can also save or view real-time visitor interactions with your website.

For example, you can see the last step a visitor has taken before leaving your site. Lucky Orange also provides analysis reports to help you understand your visitors' issues and possibly leave the site without conversion.

A detailed description of LuckyOrange

LuckyOrange is a user analytics analysis tool that lets you analyze user behavior and make improvements to your website.

Many similar tools will help, but if you want accurate analysis, many options, a user-friendly interface, and most of all, a low price, LuckyOrange is the best option.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of LuckyOrange and do not even need a credit card. After that, the basic package costs only $ 10 per month. For many marketers, the free 7-day trial is more than enough to get important information from the tool.

Once you have registered, you will receive a JavaScript code that you must enter on all pages of your website. If you use WordPress, you can enter it into your design template so that it automatically loads on all pages.

Features Of Lucky Orange

Do you know why your visitors do not convert?

Lucky Orange helps answer the question of why 99% of visitors to your site never become customers. This is one of those tools that will make you wonder how you lived without it.


I have already talked about the importance of heat maps and eye-tracking technology.

Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

Thermal Maps give an average of the behavior of many users. Lucky Orange offers clicks, movements and mouse movements. So you can find out which parts of your website are the most popular. If you want users to be interested in a particular section of your website, you now know what's really happening from the user's perspective.


Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

Give your customers fast, non-intrusive questions, such as - Is there something that keeps you from buying today?" Get valuable and actionable information directly from your visitors.

Live Chat

Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

Lucky Orange also offers the opportunity to chat live as Zopim. However, the chat window only appears when you start it. If someone is on your live web site, you can start a conversation with them!

Form Analytics

Explore the key fields of your forms where customers leave the payment or registration process. You need to know which fields are too long to end, which are repeated due to errors and which are given up the most.

Here are 4 main Form Analytics reports you can get from Lucky Orange:
  1. ABANDONMENT REPORT: This will allow you to see which fields visitors have previously entered
  2. TIME TO START THE REPORT: In this report, you can find out how long it takes on average
  3. TIME TO END: You need to know how long your visitors will need to complete each field of their forms. Some fields take longer and can lead to a high cancellation rate.
  4. REPLAY FIELDS: This report shows you which fields are frequently repeated by visitors.

Email Reports

View your website directly from your inbox with Their daily and weekly email reports. Access from any device, including your smartphone.

Try it for Free

I recommend that you try the free trial and familiarize yourself with the recording reproductions and heat maps of the users.

Lucky Orange Conversion Funnels!

A funnel is a group of steps leading to an end goal. With Lucky Orange, you create funnels and see exactly the point of your conversion process, where people go. You can play and see the footage of the exact visitors who left the process.

In this way, you can identify disruptions in your conversion process and develop solutions that will definitely improve your conversion rate.

The process to Install Lucky Orange!

Recently, the site's load speed has become one of Google's ranking factors. One of the problems we encounter with add-ons and analytics is the slowness of the website.

A piece of JavaScript code is enough to install Lucky Orange. The code is asynchronous and should not slow down the pages.

There are two ways to configure this code on your site.

1. Copy the code and paste it before your meta tag </ head>

2. Just download and install the Lucky Orange add-on


Who is the Lucky Orange Tool Ideal For?

Lucky Orange goes beyond what traditional web analytics can offer. If you want to know why visitors are frustrated by websites or apps, and quickly abandon their platform without buying anything, try the tool.

Lucky Orange's features are designed to help you optimize your websites or applications and increase your conversion rate. This means that a developer and a UX / UI expert can benefit from the tool as well as websites with e-commerce, performance or social networks as well as news and information sites

What you need to know

Lucky Orange provides real-time analysis of all visitors visiting their websites or web applications. Automatically save every visitor on your platform. The control panel lets you filter and segment the footage to see exactly where the visitors are Dropping off and why.

The toolbox provides ways to improve and monitor web performance by recording complete visitor sessions. Then you can view participation, dropout, and conversion rates, get more information about click through rate through thermal map analysis and use mouse movements to track mouse movements, etc. You can even chat live with the team to assist customers.


  • Lucky Orange gives you The detailed view of your Visitors.
  • Session Records provide detailed reproductions of the use of your website by individuals.
  • Lucky Orange will give you information about the location of your customers and the date of the visit, which can be summarized in the heat maps.
  • It integrates well with other tools, from GA to Adobe Analytics through Optimize.
  • With Lucky Orange, you can create customization surveys for each country, so visitors can ask for what you want.
  • The award makes it a great place to start to understand a range of tools that help you understand your customers better.
  • There are many options for creating heat maps, such as For example, page URLs, browsers, and geographic locations.
  • With Lucky Orange, you have access to other pages via visitor routes.


  • Lucky Orange does not offer a free life plan despite the free trial.
  • Lucky Orange has a startup plan that is limited to two discussion operators and you can only explore one website.

Lucky Orange Pricing Policy

Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

Starting from: $10.00/month

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

1 year: 10% off 2 years: 30% off

Here are the plan offers and prices at Lucky Orange:

Starter plan - $ 10 per month. Covers 25,000 visits per month for 1 location, 2 operators, unlimited registrations (for 30 days) and unlimited thermal cards (for 30 days).

Small Business plan - $ 20 a month. Covers 60,000 monthly hits on 3 sites, 4 operators, unlimited records (for 30 days) and unlimited Heatmaps (for 30 days)

Medium plan - $ 50 per month. Covers 200,000 monthly site visits for 8 locations, 10 operators, unlimited records (for 30 days) and unlimited Heatmaps (for 30 days).

Large plan - 100 USD per month. Covers 500,000 visits per month on 16 pages, 20 operators, unlimited shootings (30 days) and unlimited thermal maps (30 days)

Enterprise plan - Custom plans available through Lucky Orange include billions of page views shared across multiple locations, and advanced customer support features.

Quick Links:

Attention to the Customer Support

There are several ways to contact Lucky Orange. There is an online contact form, a telephone number or a live chat feature. Interestingly enough, we did not find an e-mail address to contact them, unlike the Mouseflow competitor, where e-mail communication is desired. You can also use the Lucky Orange FAQ page, feature guides, and installation guides to get the most out of the session reader.

Conclusion: Lucky Orange Review

Lucky Oranges low-cost packages offer many excellent services. Although there is no free package, the packages available are of great value as they provide thermal/Heat maps analysis, website mouse tracking, funnel conversion, live chat, and form analysis that will help you get more information, how visitors interact with Your websites or apps.

Get detailed information about visitors and even communicate with them in real time. So you get an accurate picture of what's wrong with websites and apps to improve them.

Now that you have all the information about this amazing tool, please let me know in the comments section.

Lucky Orange Review 2019 | Ideal Analytics Program? | Is It Worth It?

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