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Lucky And Special

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Lucky And SpecialI think it is so nice to be appreciative and say thank you and I love you from the heart to the ones and to the circumstances that we hold and that also hold us dear.

Although our experiences may vary or differ those of us born with the caul are generally very lucky children and I know this for a fact as I have had great spurts of luck all through out my life.

I’d get the things that I had wanted and wished for and knew that there was something around me guiding my steps and watching over me because I’d always somehow avoid danger and serious injury and things would work out for me whereas others may not have been as fortunate.

There would also be sensations of awareness that had made me feel self assured, at ease, and safe.

As we’re born with the capacity of precognition the aspects also endow us with a manifestation of spirit that inhabits us quite often as we find ourselves reacting and responding to things spontaneously and automatically without any initiation on our part, a blessing that is natural and inherent.

These are things that we take notice of as children and teenagers and start to wonder about ourselves when we observe others around us that don’t identify or connect in the fashion that we do.

Lucky And Special
Some of us have been fortunate enough to have had family members and/or associates that also may have been born with cauls or that had knowledge of the nature of our births and that could help shed light on and give support to our situation.

I was always told that it was a good thing to be born with a caul and that we were very special children.

My mother use to tell me all the time that I had a gift and that I was special and I believed but when spirit came to me in my thoughts as a young adult and kept telling me that I was special until I finally accepted it is when I truly understood the depth of what that all meant.

Those of us with the power of the particular have a responsibility to pay attention to the messages that we receive and a responsibility to honor and respect what was bestowed upon us by heeding warnings and learning through revelations because it is all for our well being, best interest, growth and survival.

Some of us choose a right path, some choose a wrong path, and some choose a undecided path to travel down according to their own inclination it is our decision and one that we have to answer for in the end and that is our choice alone and one that we have to be content with.

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