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Lublu by Kira Plastinina

By Masfashion


When people ask what my blog is about I usually answer, “my personal style and things that inspire me.” I love sharing inspiring, new, designers, ideas, or websites. Whether it be fashion, art, or home decor, I try to write about what is inspiring me at that moment. Right now that moment is Kira Plastinina. You may remember her label, Lublu, from the video I did with my gal pals; A Hot Day In December. She was kind enough to lend us some amazing pieces for the shoot. When I first walked in all of the deep blues and really cool patterns grabbed my attention. Her pieces are so unique and high quality, you can’t help but swoon.

When I opened my inbox the other morning to a new press release of her spring/summer line I had to open it. I must be honest, bloggers receive so many press releases a day  from people asking us to write about their clients “new line,” it is hard to read them all. Most of the time the designs are terrible and you feel bad for the firm who has to represent them. Lublu is so, NOT one of those designers. You know the designer is good when you can’t click on the, “download file” fast enough.  She always has fresh ideas and beautiful pieces and her new spring/summer line did not disappoint. It actually is my favorite she has done thus far. The beautiful emerald greens, whites, and flowy fabric make it unforgettable and really inspiring. I couldn’t stop looking at the items trying to find a favorite, but alas, it is absolutely impossible!

I hope you check out Kira and her designs at Lublu! If you are in Dallas check out her beautiful shop in Preston Center or browse online!

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