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Lovely Summer Wedding at the Riviera Coast | Elisavet & Christos

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Lovely summer wedding at the Riviera Coast | Elisavet & Christos

With beautiful white flowers, a stylish couple and a breathtaking wedding venue in Athens Greece, Elisavet and Christos summer wedding at the Riviera Coast is the ultimate combination of classic and romantic. The Riviera Coast was the perfect setting for their wedding overlooking the endless blue of the sea and we are excited to share every lovely detail from their celebration with you!

Captured by Love & Roll Weddings.

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«My bridal bouquet had pink peonies. All the other flowers from the wedding were white because I wanted my bouquet to stand out. The rest of the decoration had baby’s breath flowers and white lysianthous. I really wanted to incorporate local flowers for ecological reasons and I feel fortunate that the wedding had the style I was looking for. My favorite detail from the decoration was the floral arch and it was the backdrop for many of our wedding photos…», the bride shared with us.

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The greek site Love4Weddings helped me mainly to find vendors to work with for our wedding.

elisavet, bride
lovely-summer-wedding-riviera-coast_04 lovely-summer-wedding-riviera-coast_05 lovely-summer-wedding-riviera-coast_06

«My wedding dress was a masterpiece by Demetrios. The staff at the boutique in Glyfada store was both very professional and very sweet. Also, the seamstresses have a lot of experience, which can be seen in every detail of their work. The wedding dress was light and airy, so I could comfortably dance the night away and enjoy our reception at the Riviera Coast! »

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«My maid of honor gave me great advice I would like to share with other brides: The entire wedding planning process is very beautiful but can be very stressful. If do dwell on the small details, you might let stress overshadow the happy part of the planning procedure. Don’t let that happen!»

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