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Love Stinks – Single On Valentines Day

By Datingdiva40 @datingdiva40

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Single On Valentines Day

 Being single on Valentines Day, that situation people hate because it becomes National Singles Awareness Day. Everywhere you go and everywhere you look pink hearts and red roses mock you. Stuff animals with mushy sayings look at you with button eyes and make you feel more alone than ever. Single on Valentines Day can be very depressing but this year it can be different. Just because you are single on Valentine's Day, it does not mean you should hide and hate love and couples. You can still enjoy the day of  Love by celebrating with your single friends,family or just enjoying how awesome you are.  

Go get yourself sometime special like a manicure, a pedicure, or a new haircut. After you do that stop by the Florist and buy yourself a small bouquet.  Next go by the bookstore and find that book that you have been think about buying. Get it for yourself, you deserve it. I think you deserve a box of chocolates too.  When you get home, slip into the bubble bath, open the chocolates ,soak and indulge. Get out of that bath and curl up with that great book and enjoy.

My personal Favorite is to try online dating (you knew I was going to saythat )  you can do it for less money than anything else above and set a plan in action. No More Valentine day as a Single. You can check out these sites by click on this link    They are my all time favorites. Add your profile and take action. Make this year, 2012, the year you meet that Mr Or Miss Right. You can join a premium site for less than the cost of a box or chocolates and a big pink teddy bear. Don't throw a pity party this year. Make it different. Nothing will change until you do.

 I Want To Get To Know You!

  You can Join My Facebook Fan Page and get the lastest updates about our Valentines Day For Singles drawing. You will also be added to our drawing if you sign up for our newsletter on this site. Single on Valentines Day this year might be lucky this time. Try taking some action this year and change the pattern. You can keep doing what you have been doing or begin helping make this 2012, the year it all changes.   Set up a one on one meeting with me via skype or on a chat client. I love my one on one sessions. The first session is Free Through Valentines Day. They are filling up fast. Grab your appointment and let's get you on the path to the relationship you want and deserve. schedule TalkToLiz<~~~~~ Click and you will see my calendar.   I'm looking forward to meeting with you!   Elizabeth Maness Dating and Relationship Expert              

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