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Love Show Fanatics

Posted on the 19 July 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews
Love Show Fanatics

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The new craze on television is shows about finding true love. Recently, shows like “Love in the Wild” and “The Choice” have provided people you can find love with; well you can find love on a well-scripted show. The shows target audiences are young to middle-aged women that want “true love”. Even though there have been numerous love shows before, the media is trying to revamp how people find love, whether it be with a celebrity or just the average joe.

On “The Choice”, a spin-off of “The Voice”, it uses four celebrity men or women and like “The Voice”, only uses the sound of the women or men contestants voice to pick their mate. At first their were only male celebrities used, but after the show became bland because the men weren’t intimate with their dates, they began using women, which really revved up their views. The women talked about their likes and dislikes in the men and were far more intimate, which gave viewers a real look into the celebrities’ personalities. The star of the women’s episode was Carmen Electra and it seemed that she connected with her date. As for the others, one did somewhat connect and the other two were very, very bad. However, all the women were complete bombshells and that was definitely a plus for their ratings.

The show, “Love in the Wild”, features middle-aged couples fighting for a shot at a trip around the world with their partner. To the average person its like “Survivor” and “The Bachelor” combined. Its different from other love shows in that it takes couples through the wild and tries to show the true mentality of both men and women. Next week, the show will have the finale with two couples competing against each other for the big trip.

The most viewed attraction show this summer is “The Bachelorette”. This season has really had its ups and downs. Emily, this season’s bachelorette, has broken more hearts than any other season. Many of the men have completely fallen in love with her only to be sent home. The biggest shocker was when Emily sent home Shaun. At the last episode Shaun gave a very heartbreaking speech about his love for her and that he didn’t understand what he had done wrong. This Sunday’s finale will have  highest ratings the show has ever seen. However, it has been leaked that the winner is Jeff, but that won’t stop people from tuning in to watch. With all these love shows and their increasing popularity, what will be next? Love on Mars? Tune in every week to see the outcomes.

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