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Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
Love of the Land LinksYosef and Melody Hartuv live in Hevron.
Yosef runs a blog entitled Love of the Land.
Yosef and Melody are what some in the west refer to, with contempt, as "settlers."
Like many other Jewish people they have been trying to build a life for themselves on traditionally Jewish land and find themselves doing so under exceedingly hostile conditions.
I have been in regular email contact with Yosef and have decided to make his ongoing list of articles a part of Israel Thrives.
So, with no further ado.
Love of the Land Links!
Dealing with a society that praises itself for turning its children into human bombs
Can Israel afford to exist in twilight
Latest Palestinian plans show the "great" confidence in the efficacy of Kerry’s strateg
Fantasy, Illusion and Kerry’s Potemkin Village
When the messages heard in the Palestinian Arab villages go unreported in the wider world
Keep it coming, Yosef.

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