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Love Hip Hop – Spin City

Posted on the 28 September 2011 by Sistabig @therealSharnell


Lemar “Spin City” Wilson was born in Astoria, Queens.  He
grew up in the projects where he lived with a single parent and his three
brothers and three sisters surrounded by drug dealers, stick up kids, gangs and

Spin City grew quick to the tricks and trades of hustling.
While other kids would be in after school programs Spin City was in
hallways doing runs for the neighborhood drug dealers.   At the age
of 17 Spin City made the decision to get involved in hustling after witnessing
how much money his friends were able to make.  He took his summer
youth check and followed the example of his friends.  Before he
knew it he had flipped that check into a steady flow of money and began messing
up in school and finding himself in trouble. 

At the age of 18, he was caught by the cops and charged with selling
drugs.  Shortly after that incident, Spin City’s mother was
diagnosed with diabetes.  He knew had to change his lifestyle in
order to help his mother with her illness, but this was easier said than
done.  He ended facing gun related charges but was

Spin City’s Childhood friend Silencio introduced him to a mic, speakers,
and an instrumental cd.  All Spin City had known about music was
what he heard on the radio but he began sloppily freestyling.
Silencio coached Spin City, having him recite bars with beats.
Within one weekend, Spin City has recorded an 18 freestyle cassette
tape.  From that weekend he found a passion for music that
continued to grow. 

Since then Spin City has started his own label called New Money 151
Entertainment along with artists Envy, Fresh, and SIC. Since 2000,
Spin City has dropped a new mixtape every year including “Passport Boys” and
“Members Only” and also helps other artist put together their own






Label: \New Money 151 Entertainment

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