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Louisville Police Recover Stolen Guns

Posted on the 20 May 2011 by Mikeb302000

Although driving a car through the front of the building is certainly dramatic and probably cannot be adequately defended against, why the hell are the guns not locked in a safe? Do safe storage laws not apply to gun shops? Wouldn't that be the proper defense against theft?
I know, the inventory is too big.  It won't all fit into a safe.  Well that certainly is a terrible dilemma for the greedy store owner to grapple with.  How about if safe storage laws apply and the shop simply cannot stock more than can be safely stored?  Is that so difficult? 
Whether the thieves simply climb in the back window which is too accessible or crash through the front of the building with a car, it is the gun shop owner's responsibility to not leave the guns lying around. If it's good enough for banks and jewelry stores, it's good enough for gun shops.
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