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Lotus Root Sweet Soup

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
This post marked the 700 recipes that I have tried and tested since 2013.   I actually felt good that I am able to persevere during this 4 years going 5.  Unlike my old blog that documents my parenthood and kitchen experience, this blog focus really on my kitchen experience and happy things.
Currently, I am experiencing some issues with me not able to link all these recipes onto my FB page as well as on Instagram and I have seek google to look into it and I do hope that I will not have to shut down this blog.
I am also finding time to repost those photos that I have lost due to photobucket in my old blog.  It is really a lot of work to be done, considering that I have blogged for 7 years over there.  If you need clarification on those, give me a buzz.
In the meantime, I shall not sweat over that.
I have not make Lotus Root Sweet Soup for many years.  Recently, I heard many are suffering from prolonged cough.
So happy that I saw some fresh looking lotus root in the market and bought one home to make this.
Lotus Root is known to nourish the lungs so it will be good if you have been coughing bad.
Lotus Root Sweet Soup
What you need:
4 segment of lotus root.  Scrub clean and remove skin.
Rock sugar to taste
1 cup water
Cut lotus root into small chunks.
Add into a blender with one cup water.  Blitz until very fine.
Strain through a muslin bag.
Divide into 3 bowls and steam for 30 mins.
Serve hot.
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