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Lotion from Germany

By Jayfletch22 @Jayfletch22
This past Sunday, me, my family, and my boyfriend Michael went to the Christkindle Market downtown (Chicago). Hahaha I'm so used to just saying downtown when referring to downtown Chicago. So anyway, the Christkindle Market is a traditional Christmas German market with vendors and food. Most vendors sell goods, food,and ornaments from Germany, but you can also find things such as Crepes from Paris, glass blown items from Poland, items from Ukraine, Ecuador, and a lot of other countries.
Every time my family goes, we take pictures in front of the Christmas tree in Daley Plaza, walk around, and snack on cinnamon roasted almonds, and hot chocolate with whipped cream!
This year, we purchased a tube of this amazing hand cream that is made in Germany. It is called Lindesa, and the English description on the front of the tube says, "skin protectant and conditioning cream with beeswax" the back of the tube states, "a light, quickly absorbed protective and conditioning cream, ideal for treating dry and chapped skin areas. Strengthens the skins natural protective functions and soothes irritated skin."
Those are some pretty big claims, but it does work. I haven't noticed if it strengthens the skins natural functions, but I do know that it moisturizers so well. Which is what I need during these cold Fall Chicago months. Honestly, the other night I was all tucked into bed, and was irritated by how dry my hands were. I kept wishing that I had the Lindesa tube right by me so I didn't have to get up to get it!
It is a tiny but sticky at first, but once you rub it in, your skin is so smooth and moisturized. The scent is not that great, but it is just what any unscented lotion smells like. Nothing special, and nothing off putting. But I wish I could have purchased more of this at the market!
Thanks for reading! Have you ever used this product or gone to the Christkindle Market? I'd love to hear all about it! Lotion from GermanyLotion from GermanyLotion from Germany

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By Karla Dell Moore
posted on 14 December at 18:00

Kir Cool.a!!!!! You are soooooooo fast to figure something out!!!! I'll try to find it thru this website.

By Kira Rivera
posted on 14 December at 17:56 This company ships to USA

By Karla Dell Moore
posted on 14 December at 17:49

This is a great hand lotion that I recently bought on a trip to Germany and am trying to find where to buy it online.

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