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LOTD: Parrot Bangkok

By Chaayen
As I have mentioned in my previous post, the best part of going to Bangkok is shopping. I know a lot of people love the great steals at the cheap Platinum Malls and Chatuchak Market, but I newly learn of this place - Zen, that sells Thai Designer stuff.
Obviously, the stuff isn't going to be cheap...duh. But you progress up in life, and sometimes you need a series of more presentable clothes. So usually, I buy such clothes online and when the sizes are wrong, it can be such a huge headache. Plus, there is no VAT refund T.T
LOTD: Parrot Bangkok
One of my favorite brands is Parrot Bangkok. They are not the cheapest in town given that their stocks are limited, but I have been stalking their designs since last year cos it is very different from the pieces we see in Singapore. So I got 2 sets of apparels last year, but both didn't fit for different reasons.
But Parrot Bangkok was very kind cos they allowed me to make my exchange a year later when I stepped back again into Thai soil. And I changed the misfit into this gorgeous blue-gold dress. If you observe carefully, it is pleated at the sides. So much details. <3
LOTD: Parrot Bangkok
My friends were there with me as I picked the replacement piece. And they were like joking, "is this piece made for you?" Not trying to be a brag, but this piece does accentuate my figure, making me look more slim than I really am. But one thing to note, the collection at Zen is definitely much lesser than what is available online.
However, I still have issues grasping my Thai sizing so you may want to go to Zen to try on before buying. But having nice clothes does create a separate set of problem. After I sent my selfie to my Mum, she told me she wanted this piece to wear to my wedding :'( Sigh, but it is made for me, not you MUM!!!
LOTD: Parrot Bangkok
This is the second piece which I got from Parrot Bangkok. I will probably need to do some tailoring on the pants so that it fit me. This piece is influenced from the Thai Traditional costume. There is supposed to be an inner top but I prefer wearing it like this to show of my sexy shoulders.
By now, you would have observed that the Thai Designers love subtle details even for their simple, classic pieces. Check out the jagged edge at the chest area, a flap at the front of the pants and high-slits at the side of the arms (not visible in the photo)! In fact, after touring Zen a bit, I am hooked and I am looking forward to shopping more Thai Designer goods <3
I (or maybe my Mum -_-) will be wearing these pieces pretty often for the upcoming 'special event" in my life. So stay tune if you want more photos. :)

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