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Lost in London (2017) Review

Posted on the 27 July 2019 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
Lost in London (2017) Review

All in one night Woody Harrelson finds himself in the worst possible situation in London, after a scandal causes problems with his wife and he ends up in prison!


I was a little but surprised that I hadn't heard about this film before considering it was rather groundbreaking in terms of being streamed live and all done in one shot, with so many cameras around London. It was nice to have a little brief about this and how tough it was not being able to practice different scenes and the time to get between places due to the roads being open during the day.

Woody Harrelson directed and wrote this film as well as taking on the leading role as himself. It was based on something that actually happened to him. Strangely it managed to contain some rather amusing moments and I guess it puts live acting at a different level, not quite the same as a theatre with staying in one place. Especially when films are often shot over weeks/months, to then flip that was a very daring and pretty crazy idea really.

Add in Owen Wilson as his friend which contained some rather funny moments. But it is all based around a sex scandal and how his wife Laura reacts to this being in the papers. She agrees to speak to him but only if he arrives at the hotel before a certain time something we already know is just not going to happen. It all built up to taking his children to visit the Harry Potter set!

So while I was impressed with the gimmick behind it the actually story was a little bit weak in terms of enjoyment as certain moments were very predictable and that was something you could not get away from. The bad to worse scenario was one of those things you knew would just keep happening.

Credit must go to Woody Harrelson and the audacity to try something like this, especially with the story being rather personal as well. At least he can laugh at making a huge mistake and being chased by police whilst in London.

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