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Lost in London (2017) Movie Review

By Newguy
Lost in London (2017) Movie Review

Director: Woody Harrelson

Writer: Woody Harrelson (Screenplay)

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Daniel Radcliffe, Owen Wilson, Naomi Battrick, Louisa Harland

Plot: Within the course of one night, Woody Harrelson finds himself in a misadventure in London that winds him up in jail.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lost in London starts as we see how Woody Harrelson is looking to create an ambitious project, a single take around London that would be screened direct to the cinema, only things don’t seem to be going as planned, we follow the film idea.

Woody finishes a play before needing to get his wife Laura (Matsuura) home quickly before she reads a headline, before he ends up having a wild party in London, all in a single take.

Lost in London (2017) Movie Review

Thoughts on Lost in London

Final Thoughts This is an ambitious project by Woody Harrelson, showing us how the world of a celebrity can be filled with vices, people looking to make the headlines and how the party lifestyle can cause misadventure every time. This does show us how a new idea could work with the right co-ordination you could bring together something original. The story doesn’t end up being an engaging as it would like to though, which ends up seeing a few slow moments, with the highlight being when Woody and Owen have an argument about careers. The film does end up going on slightly too long for its own good, becoming a drag in the finally third, where the panicked nature doesn’t come off on the levels it needs too.

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Lost in London (2017) Movie Review

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