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Lost and Found!

By Prettylittleinspirations @SweetMomentsCap
This is Tweety. He is a love bird who loves to dance and give kisses - or bite you.
Lost and Found!We got Tweety about 12 years ago. One day we were taking him to get his wings clipped and my older sister - who was 11 then - didn't want to stick him in a box, she wanted to carry him to the car. On the way to the car, Tweety flew out of her hands and into a huge tree. My dad climbed the tree but every time he was about to grab Tweety, Tweety would fly higher and eventually just flew away.  We were all sad that Tweety flew away so my sister asked if we could put up 'Lost Bird' signs. My mom made some signs and we put them around the neighborhood. (My mom and dad didn't think anyone would find a lost bird but put the signs up to cheer us up)About a day later we got a call from a lady a few streets down saying she found our bird! WHAT? Really? The lady was working out in the yard when Tweety flew right to her so she put him in a cage and later saw the 'Lost Bird' signs. My parents were so surprised that the signs actually worked. So we got Tweety back and still have him today. :)
The funny thing is people made fun of our lost bird signs (can't blame them). We have met a few people who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time or used to live here and have asked us if we ever saw the 'Lost Bird' signs. We laugh and tell them - yes, those were our signs and we did find our bird! Haha!

How many lost bird signs have you seen?


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