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Lord Vapour - Mill Street Blues Sneak Peak

Posted on the 14 May 2016 by Ripplemusic
Lord Vapour - Mill Street Blues Sneak Peak
Lord Vapour are a relatively new band on the scene displaying nothing but brilliance on their upcoming 2LP "Mill Street Blues" due out later this year on NoSlip Records. After getting a sneak peak of the album I can tell you with confidence that we have something special on our hands. If you're into heavy fuzzed out riffs, vibrating bass, and vocals dripping of the desert variety then you're in for a treat. The riffs are furry as fuck grooving with proto pace and immersed with the high and mighty blues.
The first two tracks were on their self-released demo on Bandcamp and were enough to get the blood pumping in their own right. The third track Island Man takes it to the next level combining super fuzzed out riffs with a killer bluesy jam session reminiscent of a Brant Bjork meets Sabbath fronted by an angered Scott Hill. The jam opens the riff throttle wide open with uber fuzz and blues based solo-age for the remainder of the first of 4 - 9+ minute desert rock epics. The rest of the album continues on with similar proportions of epic fuzzaliciousness. Rumbling bass distorted by duststorms of stoned to the bone riffs. Lord Vapour - Mill Street Blues Sneak Peak Lyrics such as, “Rolling down the highway it’s 100 degrees, Sugar Tits on her knees. She likes it fast, she likes it hot. Move a little closer and I’ll show you what I got,” from the track Sugar Tits are what you can expect from Lord Vapour from a thematic standpoint. The song titles suggest sleaze and the durations propose classic doom. What we have is somewhere in the middle, nothing earth shattering, nor philosophical, just balls to the wall, party rock anthems sung in the key of Lemmy and the tone of Truckfighters. How can that not sound appealing? The more this mammoth of an album plays, the better it gets. The fact that the vinyl edition is being mastered by the man, the myth, Tony Reed and cover artwork in the queue byDavid Paul Seymour, should leave you no questions that Mill Street Blues is a contender in any best albums list in the realm of fuzzy stoner metal.
The songs play long and the heavy riffs circulate like a bi-plane gliding in a controlled flat spin dodging bolts of lightning on its way to the nearest festival. The riffs are not repetitive and the grooves maintain a provocative allure throughout its mind bending saga of heavy blues meets stoner fury. The good Lord Vapour institute a double layer of fuzz to keep your ears cozy and profess an endless array of brilliant solos fit for an open highway ride across the southwestern mesa. Clocking in at one song over an hour (~67 minutes) a 2LP is imminent and exciting. I look forward to seeing what the final package is going to look like and can guarantee I’ll be getting my grubby hands on that vinyl later this year. I know the sound is going to be insane!! In the meantime take a listen to the first couple tracks and patiently wait for the full release. No joke, this is the real deal and NoSlip Records have scored big time by signing Lord Vapour! Congrats to all involved.
-The Huntsman

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