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Loose Line

By Travellingartist @devtramp

Inle Lake, Myanmar / September 2016: Finding this man, armed with a fishing line attached to a bamboo pole and ready with a big basket and a teapot; I asked my boatman to turn off the engine and let our boat float freely while I kept my camera focused on the man, ready to fire. I was hoping to catch the very brief moment when the pole and fishing line would slightly stiffen, the man would snap it upwards, and the hooked fish would fly out of the water from the end of the line - I pictured a still image in my mind with some of excitement. I realized that the man probably had the same image in his mind.

Thirty seconds, one minute, two minutes.., five...., ten......, twenty........, the man and his gear remained motionless on the serene lake, the line staying loose all the while. I snapped a few frames from time to time to relax my index finger which was getting stiff on the shutter button. As my boat drifted away, the man slowly pulled out his fishing line from the water, and paddled towards a different direction, obviously to find a better spot. My boat's engine came to life and we also shifted our direction towards other scenes on the lake. Our common vision did not come to life but it was worth the wait.

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