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Looper (2012) Review

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Looper (2012) Review

This film set in the future and then another future when time travel exists, confused yet? 30 years from the films future time travel happens. If someone commits many crimes they are sent back and killed by a Looper, hence then being taken care of for your life.

It makes much more sense watching the film but you do have to pay close attention at times or you may end up rather confused and wondering why a certain event has happened or why it is so important or could be important. Once you get used to the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t really look like his normal self and has been changed to look more like a younger Bruce Willis you can enjoy both actors playing the same character.

The job of a Looper is to kill whoever appears in front of them, the only problem is when a loop is closed it means that you have to kill your future self. Therefore knowing exactly when your time would be at an end. Future Joe is hunting the rainmaker in an attempt to stop his own life from being ended closing the Loop. This is because we find out the rainmaker who is working alone manages to get the Looper’s to come full circle.

Obviously 30 years earlier the rainmaker is just a child . . . But which one?

It becomes easy to see who this rainmaker is as a child but what will the outcome be, which Joe will win the battle? It’s quite funny to see a person being confronted by their future self and just not believing what they have done in the 30 years between. I guess it would be hard to believe even if someone told you something you would do in the next year let alone the path you chose over 30 years.

I really liked the idea behind this film and how it played with your mind and got you thinking but at times it lost its way a little bit and was even a little too much for itself. It is still an enjoyable cinema experience with some very good performances from the lead cast. I think Bruce Willis managed to make up for some of his recent films with this one too.

It does have plenty of action and thought-provoking ideas if time travel did exist!

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