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Looking for a Gift for Your Pre-teen? Discover Your Practical Gift Guide Here

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

The ages between 8-12 are often quite difficult. Your child isn't so little anymore, yet they're not quite old enough to be classed as a teenager. Emotions can often run high and they're beginning to feel social pressures and in some cases, hit puberty. All of these factors make finding the right gift a bit daunting. Click here for the best gifts for 10 year old boy or girl. The last thing you want is to gift them something that's too babyish or something that they have no interest, what's the solution?

A practical gift, and a gift that will get used on more than one occasion and something you'll get your monies worth out of is definitely a positive solution. Here we'll take a look at some fun, practical gifts that your tween will love.

A new backpack

Kids always need a bag to carry their gear around. Whether it's their football or swimming kits, their sleepover stuff or their school equipment, a new backpack will always come in
handy and get used! You could choose one that has a particular theme, or in their current favorite color, and if you're feeling super creative even decorate it with patches, badges and cool pins. They'll love it.

A new water bottle

We all need to drink more water, so help your tween to stay fit, healthy and hydrated with a smart new water bottle. Again, you could choose something with a particular theme but make sure it is something 'cool' as well as durable.

A sleeping bag

Do they enjoy sleepovers with friends? Or do they spend the night at grandmas house at the weekend? If this is the case then a new sleeping bag will certainly go down a treat!
Depending on where they're likely to take it, you could opt for a waterproof, camping-style sleeping bag, or something soft and quilted if it's only going to be used indoors.

A new desk

It may give you mixed emotions, but they're growing up, and they're getting more homework assignments, have lots more stuff and need somewhere they can read and organize their busy lives. A new desk is a great addition to their room, it's somewhere they can utilize for schoolwork, computing, reading, writing and even playing with their toys.
Something to relax on after a long day at school, playing sports or pursuing their favorite activities, they're going to appreciate somewhere to sit down and relax. A new beanbag in a striking color or a soft kid-sized armchair is ideal. They can be kept in their room or move them into the living room as they see fit. You could even get them personalized with beautiful stitching.

If your tween already has a phone, then you may think that having a watch is a moot point. However, learning to tell the time properly is a life skill that all children should have. And what's more, a watch is a great accessory and looks smart! Whether they choose something cute, sporty or just colorful they'll feel really grown up!



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