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Looking After Your Hearing Health

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Looking After Your Hearing Health

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like to lose your hearing? Your hearing is an important sense. It gives your brain so much information about the world around you. It warns of danger, and it brings you pleasure in the form of sounds that you enjoy such as music, birdsong, or the sound of the voice of a loved one. 

So what would you do if you lost your ability to hear?

Hearing loss is something that affects many people in their lifetime. It can affect you at any age, it is not just something that is reserved for older people. 

Taking care of your hearing is essential. Here are six ways that you can take the best care of your hearing. 

Get Your Hearing Checked Out 

If you think that you might be experiencing hearing loss, then it is important to go for an audiological hearing test so that your audiologist can get to the bottom of the problem. 

There are many causes of hearing loss. It is essential to identify the causes so that the right treatment can be put in place. Your audiologist will start off your hearing test by asking you about your lifestyle and any existing or historical medical conditions that you may have. This will help them to narrow down the root cause of your hearing loss. 

Once they have done this, they will test your hearing. This will often involve having a series of sounds played to you. You’ll need to indicate when you have heard the sound. This will give the audiologist an idea of the extent of your hearing. 

From this, they will be able to recommend treatment or that you get a hearing aid. 

Avoid Loud Noise

There are lots of places where there are loud noises, nightclubs and concerts will typically play their music very loud. In these situations, you should avoid being too close to the speakers. Think about wearing ear protectors such as earplugs to help dampen the sound. 

If you work somewhere particularly noisy such as a factory or a construction site, you should be cautious. Make sure that you wear any ear protectors provided. These might include earmuffs and earplugs. If possible, limit your exposure to loud noises by working in a different area. 

Listen to Your Music at a Safe Volume

If you enjoy listening to music, particularly through headphones, then the volume that you listen to may have an impact on your hearing health. Listening to music too loudly can cause serious longterm damage to your ears. If someone else can hear what you’re listening to through your buds, it’s too loud!

Consider using noise-cancelling headphones that will prevent the sounds outside coming through. This will give you a clearer listening experience without having to turn your music up to the maximum volume level.  

Many modern devices have safe listening levels set. Pay attention to any warnings that your device gives you and make sure that you keep the volume of your headphones down to a minimum. 

How do you protect your hearing?

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Looking After Your Hearing Health

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