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Look What We've Got !

By Gardenerforallseasons @hoehoegrow
The first clump of frogspawn suddenly appeared last week, but could I see the proud parents ? They were nowhere to be seen. Often, when I am looking into the pond, I get that strange sensation of being watched, and realize that several pairs of froggy eyes have popped up above the water and are scrutinising my every move ! Some evenings I can also hear the 'frog chorus' as I walk down the garden and the pond almost looks as if the water is boiling, as dozens of frogs writhe about together in the shallows. Then, as suddenly as they have appeared, they disappear, leaving the pond for their offspring to enjoy !
Look what we've got !The top clump (more gray than brown in colour) is newer than the clump at the bottom (more brown than grey). At the moment the eggs contain 'full stops' which will become 'commas' as they begin to develop. I have my doubts about the viability of the 'brownish' clump ... Has anyone any wisdom to share about this ????
I will keep you posted about their development, and keep taking photos. There are currently about a dozen clumps of frogspawn, but no toadspawn, that I can see. Frogspawn is in clumps while toadspawn is laid in strings around pond weed. The newts, a little later in the season, lay individual eggs which are wrapped in leaves by the female. Hopefully I can find and photograph those too, to share with you.

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