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London Olympics Interesting Facts

By Infographixdirectory @infographixdir

In this 2012 Olympics infographic by My Destination, they take a look at some interesting facts concerning the upcoming London Olympics. Some of the facts that they note are:

  • The Olympic Stadium in London is 1.5X taller than Rio’s “Christ The Redeemer” statue
  • The Olympic touch will travel twice the length of the United States or 8000 miles across the UK
  • The cost to build the Olympic Stadium could send one person to space 11 times.
  • The value of gold in an Olympic gold medal is about £450
  • Anyone caught streaking faces a fine up to £20,000
  • It takes 16 goose feathers to make a badminton shuttlecock
London Olympics Interesting Facts

Infographic Source: My Destination

London Olympics Interesting Facts

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