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London Man Does Everything The Billboards Tell Him To

Posted on the 29 November 2011 by Thehangline

I remember hearing some statistic about how the average person is exposed to about 1,500 ads per day. However, most of us don’t look out our kitchen window to see a giant billboard staring back like William. It’s kind of obtrusive, but what can he do? Complain? Demand the company take it down? Nope. He’s decided to embrace the influence of outdoor advertising by partaking in everything displayed on the billboard. And of course he documents it all on a blog called New Billboard Day. So far he’s watched a TV show, visited a Breast Cancer awareness website, bought a grill, seen the live stage version of Dirty Dancing and, most recently, bought some lipstick.

London Man Does Everything The Billboards Tell Him To

I love the idea. This is definitely more fun and less expensive than doing everything Oprah tells you to do for a year. Advertisers could use this strategically to get a little more attention and some honest reviews from William. Primesight could use this to their advantage in selling this piece of inventory, too. Here’s to hoping the next ad isn’t for a Brazilian wax service.

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