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New London vocabulary:
Card Clash!
Sounds pretty dramatic.
London Lexicon London Underground's new drive to remind us to keep our contactless payment cards separate from our Oyster Cards when touching in is the subject of posters (above) and announcements all over the network. 
It would seem that smart cards ain't so smart after all and get a little confused when opening tube gates. If two cards are together, in a wallet say, then one card cancels the other out and the gate either won't open or you won't be charged, thus leaving you open to a fine at the other end of your journey. Hence "card clash". We wonder if there was a meeting to decide on the name?  

Other new London vocabulary faves of ours from the past couple of years are
boris (verb): To use the cycle hire scheme. "The train terminated at Holborn so I borised it to Bank."
podium (verb): In circulation from 2012 Olympics. "It's very tough to podium in this event" i.e., get into the medal positions.
Any other new London phrases coined in recent years? Drop us a line at the usual address or leave a comment below.
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