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By Umkhaloodie
English: It is a fat African American eating a...

It is a fat African American eating a big burger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was reading Bloomberg this morning and came across this headline ‘Burger Loving Kuwait becomes Oasis for US Franchises

How true that is.

Look at the Burger ‘bars’ we have. We’ve got Elevation, Johnny Rockets, Shake Shack, Fat Burger …what is it about burgers guys? They are huge, fat, greasy chunks of meat inside bread (the killer)…lol.Seriously, America is the fattest country in the world, and we are following in at second place, STOP WITH THE BURGER BARS!

We all love burgers,we really do, and my, oh my, how good is Shake Shack but we really should be eating better. Although I still haven’t tried Elevation, I really need to, Shameful, it’s been open since April but since I’ve been on my ‘see’ food diet ya3ni no eat diet, I’ve tried to stay clear of these places, and trust me it hasn’t been easy but sooo worth it!


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