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Lois Lerner Evokes the 5th Amendment During IRS Congressional Hearing

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Lois LernerLois Lerner is the IRS Exempt Organization Division Director. Many of you by now know that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is under federal investigation by the FBI for “targeting” conservative groups in the past three years. President Obama is vehemently denying previous knowledge of the situation. In fact his press secretary, Jay Carney, stated that the President was made aware of the situation at the same time as the Associated Press.

Today, Lerner testified before the House Oversight Committee in regards to her knowledge of what went on those three years.

Here is her testimony:

“I have not done anything wrong.”

“I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules and regulations.”

Completely innocent she deems herself, yet decides to plead the fifth. Interesting. That’s what I think of her testimony.

So let me get this right. Ms. Lerner states that she is 100% innocent of any wrong-doing yet has decided to evoke the Fifth Amendment because testifying might incriminate her. Incriminate her in what? If nothing illegal really did transpire then why would she need to plead the fifth?

Can you imagine yourself before a judge telling him/her that you didn’t kill someone but you won’t testify because it might incriminate you in actually killing that person? Because, that’s basically what she did.

I am not sure which scenario I find more troubling. The fact President Obama denies any involvement or knowledge in any of these recent scandals (i.e. Associated Press wire-tapping, Benghazi) depicts a despondent corroboration amongst his administration. Attorney General Eric Holder last week excused himself from the investigation (which is essentially his job—wouldn’t that be nice to do) because the FBI had interviewed him on the scandal a year ago! I’m I to believe that the Attorney General of the United States hasn’t found time to let our president in on this scandal in the past year. I guess the 2012 election had nothing to do with it.

If so then there is a glaring lack of communication that I find extremely troubling. Maybe some people need to retake some fundamental communication classes in college.

Maybe I am the only one who thinks there is a problem the president is seemingly never notified of details prior to a scandal breaking. But, that might just be me. I can be weird like that.

Oh and now that I come to think of it maybe Ms. Lerner should take a math class or two. By her own admission she “isn’t very good at math.” I think it might prove useful for a director of ANY IRS division to have at least a functional mathematical set knowledge. But, that might just be me. I can be weird like that. I’m probably asking for too much from my government.

Do you think Ms. Lerner had effectively waived her right to evoke the 5th amendment because she made an opening statement? I think she may in fact have.

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