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Logical Vs Creative, Left Vs Right Brain

By Inspirion @GoodMood20
Image credits: Mercedes Benz

Logical vs Creative, Left vs Right Brain


Scientist are constantly exploring  human brain functionality and trying to figure out how different reactions are controlled by different part of the brain. Biggest division so far is left vs right brain, where the left part represents logical and analytic thinking while the right part is more creative and visual.

For example, artists or those trained in the arts are usually categorized as “right brained,” a colloquialism that acknowledges the role of the right hemispheres of the brain. Unfortunately(or fortunately) we live in a left brain world. This part of the brain sees the world in a more mechanic way, and is more logical, analytic, and objective.

Of course, there is no “bad” or “good” side. Healthy and smart reactions are a result of cooperation between both hemispheres and the following animated film tries to depict that cooperation in a hilarious way. Left vs right brain, angel vs devil, call it what you want but we have all felt that inner battle.

As a bonus, here is an interesting theory to test if you are right or left brained.

Source: The CG Bros

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