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Lockout Update: Owners' Latest Offer Attainable on the Internet

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
USA Today broke the news/ published the latest CBA offer submitted to the NBPA for ratification this afternoon.
Check it out here with this link: Click here to view it.
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As I was reading through this, I seriously began to grow extremely angry. Why? Well, it made me realized how close, but yet so far from a deal being made. It's sickening.
My whole mindset and outlook on "when the lockout will really end" has pretty much funneled into the mid-part of January.
The players really need to accept it. But, many sources     including ESPN's Ric Bucher     have said that the players aren't going to ratify the owners' latest proposal... Awesome    just awesome!

Lockout update: Owners' latest offer attainable on the internet

And your next move is?

The lead pencil that Stern likes to use when writing in his calendar has allowed us to extend the date of the players' final chance to accept or deny the latest deal slapped on the table. Did he use the same pencil when he said that the next offer by the owners will be completely different and far off from this one. Will it? Maybe it won't be necessary. But, let's be real here... It probably will.
The NBPA is meeting tomorrow to discuss their next move.
We'll try to break you a story on what transpires tomorrow.
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Lockout update: Owners' latest offer attainable on the internet
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