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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

By Htam

2018_HTAM3539_XE2S.jpg@ Athens, Greece

April 2018

While touring Athens, I found some time to go check out the Athens War Museum.  This museum contains a comprehensive exhibition of weapons and of war throughout Greek history.  Being in the middle of the city does limit the number of aircraft on display, the handful at the museum are all displayed outside.  1,122 aircraft of the G-version were produced as multi-role fighter-bombers with beefier structure, more fuel capacity and improved combat maneuvering.  Greece received 45 new F-104G and six TF-104s under the Military Assistance Program. These were supplemented by second-hand Starfighters passed on from other NATO air forces, including 79 from Germany, seven from the Netherlands and nine from Spain. The Starfighter entered Greek service in April 1964 and retired in March 1993.  Fuji XE-2s w/18-55mm.

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