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Lockdown Unleashed – a Day Trip to the Seaside

By Xrematon @EleanorCooksey

A photo essay this time. Nothing subtle – the title says it all.

Lockdown unleashed – a day trip to the seaside

Why a photo of driving on the M25? Because it was actually really exciting to be able to get in the car and drive to somewhere further away than the supermarket. Think air conditioning, listening to music together as a family, a sense of freedom and escape, heading out for an adventure….


And this was our destination – the sea, the sea! We deliberately picked the Thanet coast as it tends to get fewer crowds than some of the other seasides within ‘daytrip-reach’ of Londoners. And as you can see, it wasn’t too difficult to maintain social distancing, so no problem hunting for crabs, watching the waves creep in closer as the tide rose, lying on (or rather in) the hot sand, and cooling down in the chilly water. There was even a place open where we could get ice creams and, even better, the chocolate flavours hadn’t run out. All in all I must confess that it didn’t feel ‘different’ – pandemic panic and paranoia a distant dream.

Lockdown unleashed – a day trip to the seaside

The only oddity was the car park at the cargo ferry terminal – normally empty – but, as you can see, teeming with cars. Mysterious but probably a function of the fact that no one is really buying cars, so that they have ended stuck in limbo, effectively having their own seaside break.

Lockdown unleashed – a day trip to the seaside

We returned to our local landscape of leaves.

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