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Local Kids Lose Control

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It seems that Steph Curry, basketball star, recently moved to Toronto, to a home near an Orthodox Jewish community.
The local Jewish kids got so excited when they discovered  their new neighbor that they couldn't control themselves. The kids basically harassed the Curry family trying to get pictures and autographs, even knocking on his door and ringing the bell. It got so bad that, YWN reports, the local schools decided to send out letters to the kids and their families that this behavior is not appropriate and we should give the Curry's their privacy. Leave the Currys alone! It had gotten so bad that Steph had complained to his agent about the harassment form the locals. The school letters even called it a chilul hashem.local kids lose control
All's well that ends well, as they say.
According to Kikar, after the schools sent the letter and the parents reamed out the kids, the kids knocked on Steph Curry's door just one ore time. This last time was not for an autograph but to offer an apology and to beg him for his forgiveness.
That is pretty cool to live so close to a professional athlete, let alone one who is a real star. The kids' excitement is understandable, but still the behavior is unacceptable It is nice they decided to apologize and hopefully now they are leaving Curry and his family alone. The Curry's deserve to be able to live peacefully and quietly int heir own home just as anyone else does, without being harassed by the neighbors.
Personally I think the term chilul hashem is a bit overused, and not every poor behavior is a chilul hashem. It is understandable that they got excited about being able to see Steph Curry so close and so often. And the Currys are probably used to it. Hopefully they balanced out their "chilul hashem" with a "kiddush hashem" in their apology.
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