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Load Em' Up, Move Em' Out! Vacation Time! {Autistic Road Tripping}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   "Let's go to Chicago!" I said.  "Let's drive so we can see stuff along the way!" I said.  "I'm sure the kids will be okay & we will have no sudden urges to unbuckle & jump out of the moving car" I said.  No, it wasn't as bad as it seemingly could have been when you load three kids up in a car and drive almost 800 miles across the country! There were good times, bad times, meltdowns, & lots of bathroom breaks and the kids did alot of stuff too! :)

   The first two hours we didn't even break out the ipad because with a full 9 hours of driving ahead of us I didn't want them to burn through the ipad fascination to fast & start crawling out the windows before we even got out of Oklahoma. I'm not sure about every one else's kids but these three can watch the same show over & over & over & laugh just as hard as the first time every single time! I downloaded some old Tiny Toon Adventures & other gems that I remember from the 90's for them to watch and thankfully it was a hit. We stopped off in Linchfield, IL for the night so that we could get up & start the day fresh with only a few short hours til Chicago! We started off with heading to Navy Pier to get out, stretch our legs, & see something awesome to really drive it home to the kids that we were NOT in Oklahoma anymore!    After that we checked into our hotel at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Now this place is pretty great, the location is close to the Pier. All the staff were pretty nice but all in all while we had a GREAT time staying with them it wasn't the most kid friendly place in the world. The $60 a night motel we stayed in on the way to Chicago had a microwave & mini fridge. Our room at the Hyatt had a mini fridge that was full of booze, candy, & all kinds of goodies that would have set us back more than a small countries national debt! Oh, you want to move some of that stuff out of the way & put your kids juice in there or maybe some left overs that you wouldn't be able to heat up anyway because you have no microwave? Sure you can do that but since the fridge has weight sensors in it to let them know if you even use the fridge that will be $7 extra....To use the mini fridge!! One day our room wasn't even cleaned or turned down & the hallway had all kinds of stuff littering it like an extra pull out bed & a spar mini fridge! I should have dragged it into the room & hooked it up! Alas it was pretty & we left happy. Happy that is until I got back & found they had mistakenly charged me TWICE for our room! ouch! Sorry if I sound like a cry baby because it was really nice & I would totally stay there again if it were just me & my wife but not amazingly kid friendly.   First thing was first after checking in...Sears Tower & the Skydeck! If you haven't heared there is a glass room off the side of the Sears Tower on the 103rd floor so you can walk out & look STRAIGHT DOWN! The first time I visited it last year Samantha & I both had a bit of a hard time walking out onto the glass! Did the boys? Nope! Walked out there & laid down to relax!
   After that the next few days were filled with Pizza, Museums, & A LOT of walking! Highlight of the trip by the way... We took the boys to the Rain forest Cafe & while eating Samantha gave me the "Holy Crap Look Over There!" eyes & about that time the Rev. Jesse Jackson walked by our the Rain forest to the big robotic to the fake monkeys...Rev. Jesse Jackson! I was too dumbfounded to get my phone out & snap a pic in time, some photographer I am! Anyway, scroll down & take a look at some of the highlights from our trip & visit my Facebook to check out even more pics of our Chicago Adventure!

The Big Bean

The Coolest Guy In Chi-Town

Eating Beans For Dinner!

Sue The T-Rex At Chicago's Field Museum

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