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Living Greener On a Budget!

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate

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Living Greener On a Budget!

Turn off the appliances and lights when you leave a room. Such a simple way to save money and be green all at the same time.  Turn off all appliances and lights before exiting a room, even if its only for a few minutes.  Another great tip is to put electronic devices such as computers and printers on sleep mode to help save energy as well.

Switch to an energy-saving program or energy-efficient light bulbs.  If your electricity carrier does not offer an energy-saving program that can help you save money and electricity, then at least consider switching to the energy-efficient bulbs! These bulbs not only last longer than a regular light bulb, but use less energy while doing so!

Purchase quality “to go” cups and mugs, food storage containers and lunch boxes.  It’s worth it to splurge just a little on quality items such as “to go” cups and mugs, food storage and lunch boxes.  This will save you money in the long run. When it comes to microwaving a beverage or food, remember that glass is almost always the way to go.

Brew your own (USDA certified) coffee at home.  Using coupons towards your favorite USDA certified coffee is one way to go.  If you do not have the time to brew your own, coffee shops such as Starbucks, offer discounts on their coffee when you purchase one of their reusable mugs.  Check with your favorite coffee shop to see if they have similar programs or promotions.

Cash in your cans and bottles!  Get paid for recycling.  Find time (preferably first thing in the morning) and return your glass, plastic and aluminum, back to the grocery store.  To make this task easier on you, sort as you go.  Have one bin for glass, one for plastic, and one for aluminum.

Replace paper towels and surface wipes with a microfiber cloth.  Did you know you can purchase a quality microfiber cloth from almost any dollar store?  Microfiber clothes are proven to collect more dust than your average surface spray or wipe and for a fraction of the cost!

Start paying bills online.  In an effort to becoming greener themselves, some companies are starting to CHARGE the customers for paper bills, while offering free online billing.  Look to be sure you are not being charged for your current paper bills and be sure to switch to paperless bills while you are at it.  The best way to receive paperless bills is to create an email address dedicated to just that.

Slow it down.  If you are lucky enough to have an ECON button in your vehicle, use it!  If you do not, ease up on the gas petal. The faster you go, the more gas you guzzle up.

Opt to use your bike instead of the car (if you can).  Save money on gas and give the environment a break, by taking a bike ride to your next destination instead of the car.

Go easy on the water.  Save on your water bill as well as conserve water, by turning off your faucet as you brush your teeth.

Use as directed.  Use exactly the amount a product tells you to use.  Whether this is dish soap, laundry detergent, or even shampoo, using the required amount is enough to be effective without the waste.

Crack a window!  Instead of using a fan or air conditioner, on a beautiful (or just breezy day) get those windows open and get some cross ventilation with the cool fresh air without spending a dime.

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