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Live Lighter, Love Better is Available!

By Caryschmidt

It is exciting to announce that Live Lighter, Love Better is available tomorrow morning! (Nov. 30)

What a privilege it is to work with the Striving Together publications team to make this project available! I’m grateful for their excellent work. I received my advance copy this week and was excited to see the beautiful quality of the finished product. (242 pages, hard-cover)

This project took shape over several years in my personal walk with the Lord, and was written in early 2016. The subject matter is deeply personal, and to this day, God regularly convicts me to resist the cultural trend to live at break-neck pace in adrenaline-driven ministry. Nearly every week, God’s Spirit draws me back to these truths as I find myself regularly pulled into the frenzied pace of 21st century life.

The great joy of writing this book was re-discovering God’s call to a healthy, sustainable pace in life that gives me margin to love others better.

My biggest fear in writing this book is that it now becomes a permanent source of conviction and a tremendous resource in the hands of my family and friends to actually leverage me to “practice what I preach!” Just about every time I push the boundaries in life, I can already hear my kids or wife or a friend saying, “Hey, aren’t you the guy that wrote Live Lighter, Love Better?” Surely, I have written a “stick for others to prod me with.” (They already do—in Christian love of course!)


Guilty as charged—I struggle weekly with living out these truths. Suffice to say, the book is easier to write (or read) than it is to live. I imagine I’ll be growing in these truths for the rest of my life, and I will welcome the reminders of the stick—I mean the book—I have written. To me, the writing is an expression of the weight of my commitment to owning the decisions set forth in these pages.

Striving Together is offering a launch day promotion—any purchase of the hard copy book will come with a free ebook of Live Lighter, Love Better as well as the free ebook—Real Christianity.

Live Lighter, Love Better is a book that will challenge you to think deeply about the values that drive your life, and it will lead you to twelve courageous decisions—each one focused on building a lifestyle that is grounded in the gospel and balanced in God’s grace. It’s a book that will help you do less that you might love more.

Perhaps in addition to yourself, someone you love could benefit from this book as well. I hope you will consider giving it as a gift this Christmas.

For more information, to view the book trailer, or to download the first chapter visit: Striving Together Publications.

I pray this book will prepare you for a new year of living lighter and loving better!



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