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Live It, Love It, Here and Now

By Eemusings @eemusings

You know the feeling when a new month rolls around and you realize the past four weeks have zoomed by at warp speed?

That’s me in a nutshell.

So, I’m trying to be more present.

For example, I have the best commute anyone could ask for. It’s a 20-minute walk one way. But when it comes down to it, I actually find myself resenting it at times.

It’s already nearly 6! It’s going to be dark in a few minutes! WHY ISN’T TELEPORTATION A THING YET?

Which is kind of insane, given it gets in my 30 minutes of exercise a day. Also – not so much on the way home, but certainly in the morning – it’s a really beautiful walk.

Unless I’m early, I manage to miss the throngs of high school students who take over the footpaths (I’m SURE back in the day I used to make room for people coming through; these days packs of kids refuse to break formation for anything) and can enjoy a leisurely stroll.

There are ducks in the (filthy) little creek that I cross.

There’s the divine smell of fresh laundry from the high school (some kids board there during the term).

There’s a woman who I assume works there, who’s always on the bridge having a cigarette, and who always smiles as I pass her.

There’s an adorable kid of about 7 or 8, who always greets me with a chirpy “good morning” as I pass him and his mother along the walkway.

I won’t live and work here forever, so dammit, I need to smell the roses from time to time.

I urge you: find enjoyment in a small part of your regular routine, and take the time to appreciate it every once in a while.

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Live it, love it, here and now

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