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Little Live Pets: Tweet Talking Owl & Baby

By Evette Garside @evette77

We have some noisy little pets in our home which come in the form of two tweeting owls, a mother and her baby.

Little live pets: Tweet talking owl & baby

This cute, friendly little duo form part of the Little Live Pets collection from Character online. The owls are aimed at children 5 and over and they can be a little noisy. Sometimes they randomly go off unexpectedly but luckily they both have an on/off switch.

Little live pets: Tweet talking owl & baby

These owls will sing, chirp, whistle and more. The mother owl will sing to the little baby and the baby owl responds to the mother. There are 55 different bird sounds in total. When placed in the hand, they hoot happy songs. They sing together and Mother owl will even feed baby.

The best feature by far on these little birds is the ability to record your voice and have the Mother Owl tweet it back to you in a high pitched chirp. This is done by pressing a little button, releasing and waiting and then you will hear whatever you said repeated back. It can record approximately 10 seconds of audio at a time. Just watch it in action with Jordanna here.

These birds will repeat just about anything that's recorded to them, so best take care when older children are around (would not want the young ones hearing their beloved owl saying naughty words!) When left alone, the owls will randomly chirp away to each other and hoot for attention before going into a sleep mode after half an hour of no interaction. It then just takes a button press to activate them again. They can be a little noisy and it's almost like having a real bird in the house.

Little live pets: Tweet talking owl & baby

Jordanna seemed over the moon to receive her new little pets, being 7 means she's a perfect age to play with them and it's actually a toy she has even wanting for a while, or so she tells me.

Little live pets: Tweet talking owl & baby

They are really easy to use. Each one required its own batteries and each one needs a different type of battery too which is a bit of a pain if I run out of one type. Mother owl needs 3 x AAA and baby needs 3 Cell batteries. Luckily the owl set does come with batteries pre installed but I am unable to say how long these will last.

Of course, Izebella had to be part of it too, she just has to have a go and has even worked out how to record her voice, which is then played back very squeaky indeed.

I think she was very tired on this (hence the eyes)


p style="text-align:left;">The owl set also comes in pink as well as blue and will bring lots of hooting fun to little ones and perhaps annoy most parents eventually. The set costs £17.99 from Character.

Here they are, tweeting and singing away together! Very sweet.

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