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Little Known Facts About Window Repair

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
Little known facts about window repair

At Apex Windows Werks, serving all of Illinois, we get a lot of questions from our customers and try to share as much information with them as possible.

Today, we share facts about types of windows and about window repair, just a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Facts about wooden windows

  1. Wooden windows have very rigid frames. Modern wooden windows are made of three-layer spliced timber or solid wood. To relieve internal stress in the frame, the wood bars are glued together. Due to this, they become resistant to bending, twisting, and cracking.
  2. Wooden frames can withstand fire for a long time. In case of a fire, wooden windows retain their strength for a long period, since the wood impregnation contains additives that reduce the flammability of wood. Also, the charred surface on the open parts of the frame forms an insulating layer for deeper layers of wood.
  3. The frames of modern wooden windows do not deform under the influence of moisture. Modern wooden windows are effectively protected from moisture by impregnating wood with chemical compounds, coating it with water-repellent varnish, installing drainage systems.
Little known facts about window repair

Facts about plastic windows

  1. When installing a plastic window 1.3×1.4 meters in size, about 70 liters of polyurethane foam are consumed for sealing the seams.
  2. Plastic windows are extremely fire resistant. The PVC profile is flammable at temperatures over 390 ° C.
  3. Over time, the walls of the plastic profile become thinner. So, after 40 years of operation, their thickness decreases by at least 0.7 millimeters.
  4. The best locking mechanisms for plastic windows during production are treated with a special lubricant based on natural beeswax. Beeswax has a unique ability to preserve its physical and chemical properties and does not dry out for many years.
  5. A silver-based coating is applied to the surface of the modern low-emissivity glass. Due to this coating, heat is retained in the room.

Facts about aluminum windows

  1. Window structures made of aluminum do not need additional reinforcement with beams and consoles, which simplifies the production process without affecting the strength of the product.
  2. The aluminum profile is much thinner than analogs made of wood or PVC, therefore translucent structures look modern and elegant, contributing to maximum light transmission.
  3. Aluminum windows allow the creation of very large glazed surfaces while maintaining the high performance of the system and exquisite design.
  4. Windows have a wide variety of trimming, which allows you to match the appearance of the profiles to the architecture of the facade.
  5. A great advantage of aluminum profiles is also the possibility of ensuring the manufacture of a product individually for a project or adapting the system to an object.
  6. No problems with maintenance. Aluminum window profiles do not require additional maintenance, except for washing.

Facts about window repair

  1. It is best to start vinyl window repair in the evening or on a cloudy day, as the glue takes 24 hours to dry and direct sunlight can deform it. If these conditions are impracticable, place an umbrella or sunshade over the window to prevent direct sunlight from entering the window.
  2. You can paint a plastic window yourself, just buy paint with a mark on the label that it is suitable for PVC. Best of all, the paint lays down and holds if the window is painted at a temperature of 17 degrees.
  3. A composite window is a good choice if you want to repaint window to match the interior of your home. These windows are also stronger than wood and vinyl.
  4. Use a tape measure rather than a level to square off the window opening. Start by measuring from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, and again from the top right to the bottom left. If the measurements are the same, then your window is perfectly square.
  5. Even triple-paned windows won't save energy if not properly insulated. There should be just a little extra room for shimming and insulating. Make sure the existing window trim work is secure and big enough to fit your replacement windows. Once the window is installed, fill every crevice with fiberglass insulation or expanding foam insulation. Check for drafts by holding a candle up to the window to see if it flickers.
  6. Sometimes old window repair made of wood is accompanied by the replacement of glass if there are defects. When ordering glass, you need to accurately measure the opening, but order by 2-3 mm. less, because glass expands under the influence of temperature.
  7. Remains of adhesive after window repair can be easily removed with vegetable oil (sunflower oil), and then washed off with a cleaning solution.

If you need even more information, contact Apex Windows Werks to request a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team is here to help!

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