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Little Fox Music Box iPhone / iPad App Review

By Mummysspace @mmeeee
Little Fox Music Box app by Goodbeans is a sing along story book app but so much more. Kids will love all the interactive features of which there are hundreds, not to mention the very cool little fox music studio which I, too, have had lots of fun with. The first thing that struck me about this app was how outstanding the graphics are so I wasn't surprised to learn that they are in fact done by Oscar nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger. The app includes three songs, a karaoke mode and music studio and is available in both English and German.

Little Fox Music Box, options, iPad, iPhone app

Little Fox Music Box - options

When you load the app you have the option of selecting between three songs to sing-a-long to which are London Bridge, Evening Song and Old Mac Donald. Other options include the ability to switch Karaoke mode on or off or to select the Fox Music Studio where you can make your own music. If you select a song, it will begin to play and you can start to explore all the interactive features included which there are no end to. In Old Mac Donald you have the option of selecting between the different seasons by turning the dial in the top left hand corner and the weather changes accordingly with snow in winter and sunshine in summer which is great for teaching kids to recognize different seasons. Some of the interactive elements we love in this app are the bathing pig in Old Mac Donald and the cheeky fox who drops acorns on the farmer's head, the London Bus with the diving crocodile in London Bridge and the Japanese tourists with their cameras flashing taking photos. In Evening Song, which is Ben's favorite of the three songs, we love the owl who you can fling into the night sky and then comes floating back down, the bears who are enjoying a bedtime story, the Northern Lights which you can paint with your finger and the many kites, bats and flying creatures waiting to be discovered in the mountains and the night sky. If you select Karaoke mode the words of the song are highlighted so you can follow along, if not the words just appear on screen.

Old Mac Donald, little fox music box, iPad, iPhone, app

Old Mac Donald - love the bathing pig

Little Fox Music Box, options, iPad, iPhone app

London Bridge in Karaoke Mode

Little Fox Music Box, options, iPad, iPhone app

Evening Song - look at the Storytelling Bear

The fun doesn't stop there though as there is the Fox Music Studio to explore too where everything you touch makes a noise and the cute little fox bops along to your wonderful music creation. There are singing frogs and birds, a beat box you can switch on, bottles, plates, spoons and jars that all make wonderful noises and spiders that make scuttling sounds, a mouse sucking on a straw and mommy fox clickity-clacking away on her knitting needles in the corner. The combination of all the sounds which can be played here really do make some great little tunes. The music studio provides endless entertainment for children and adults alike and I can attest to that.

Little Fox Music Box, options, iPad, iPhone app

Fox Music Studio

Ben loves Little Fox Music Box and it is not surprising that he does as there is so much for him to explore and reveal in it which keeps it engaging and fun. The design is kid-friendly and appealing and the three songs included are perfect for little children who will enjoy singing along while playing. The app gets a big thumbs up from me too, I really do enjoy playing it, just as much as Ben. It was one of those apps that that the minute I started using it, I knew I had to write about it and spread the word as I was so impressed. The developers seem to have thought of everything, even the loading screen is cleverly done with a fox appearing with a cup of coffee.

Little Fox Music Box, options, iPad, iPhone app

Ben having fun making music in the Fox Studio

Little Fox Music Box is available to download for free from the App Store and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. I highly recommend downloading this app, both your kids and you will love it.

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