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Little Baby Cake

By Aaidjs @aaidjs
Idea for baby girl very first Birthday
Little Baby CakeLittle Baby Cake
for biscuit
  1. 7 big eggs
  2. 10 tbs sugar
  3. 5 tbs orange juice
  4. 1 lemon peel
  5. 20 tbs flour
  6. vanilla sugar
  7. baking powder
  1. 1 lit milk
  2. 5 tbs flour
  3. 10 tbs sugar
  4. 250 gram butter
  5. 250 gram sugar in powder
  6. 2 tbs cacao powder
  7. orange peel
  8. 150 gram ground almond
  9. 2 eggs
  1. 1 baby doll
  2. few flowers for decoration
  3. 1 lit  whipped cream
 First mix all for biscuit,separate beat another bowl add yellow-egg with sugar and beat it,add all other integrates and flour with baking powder,At the end add half beat egg-white,beat it good and at least add all egg-white and mix it slow with spoon.
Bake it in preheat oven at 180 Celsius about 35 min./use form dimension 35X25/
Boil milk,in big bowl mix eggs,flour,cacao powder and orange peel.In hot milk add mixture and cook it while all become compact.Add at cold place,When pudding is cold and beat butter and sugar powder mixture,mix a little and add ground almond.Cream is ready to use .
How to fill up cake:
First halve cold biscuit,fill it up with almond cream,cover with second part and smear with almond cream.
Up to you where you will add baby doll,you can watch my pic and make it as i did.
At the end decorate all with whipped cream and little sugar flower.

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