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I started on a few months ago quite casually. Made a list or two and followed a few lists to get the hang of it. Didn’t think much about it until I checked my blog’s analytics recently and realized I was getting a lot of traffic from them. It ranked #4 for me before Twitter or Triberr! So what would you do? Build more lists and follow more lists right?

I got so excited I wanted to share it with you as a few of you didn’t know what it was when I asked on my Facebook page if anyone was using I like how quick and easy it to set up and use. I try to remember when I find a great blog post to add it to the list.  There are so many interesting lists on like Romantic Songs, Senseo Coffee Pods, Mind Blowing Movies, Dogs Training and Care to name a few. The blogging related ones include some like: Social Media Tools in Beta Q4,  Best Grammar Checkers,  (I just added Tim Bonner’s recent post there) Free Photo Editing Websites and many more useful lists you can follow. The beauty of is that anyone can add to your lists, not just you. When you add to someone else’s list it does go into a que for approval. builds traffic

What Does It Do? Listly builds traffic exponentially! builds traffic

How Does Build Traffic to Your Blog or Website? adds structure to your content and drives traffic to your blog. You can share via Twitter and Facebook but why give the big social sites all your content? Listly wants to see engagement on our blogs via their lists to help you generate more traffic and engagement right on your own blog, that is how builds traffic right to your blog.

Embed - You can embed lists right on your blog or website as you can see below. You need to get a publisher key # first and then you are ready to roll. They offer a plugin but you can use Java code to embed and forgo the plugin.

Share – You can share your lists via multiple social networks to drive people back to your blog. All the action should take place at your own hub, right?

Curate - The lists are not just your content, but content you curate from other places on the web. Pieces of information you gather and want to share with others. Information that others are looking for. You begin to you know your readers right? Why not give them the information that they are looking for? You become their source of information. Imagine what this can do for your business blog too if you have one? claims “Links are short-lived but embeds are long lasting”. So true, isn’t it?

What Else Do You Need To Know Using

Bookmarklet – There is an easy install bookmarklet to use as you surf the web. It makes it very easy to add anything from the web into your lists. You can create new lists as you go. Find create content, put it in after reading.

Mobile Friendly – Easy to use on the go – you know how I love that!

Voting – You can vote on others lists – up or down. It is  like having a dislike button to choose from.

Stats - You can see your stats right on on how many views and likes/dislikes.

No Need for Plugins – You can now embed from their website. (This is fairly new – with your publisher code) I know many of us would like a plugless website.

Premium Accounts – does offer premium and team accounts for $9.99 per month. You can go pro and have no ads showing on your lists. You would get premium layouts along with a few other perks for going premium with

Check out my list below on Awesome Blog Tips

 Feel free to vote up or down, share or read right from here.

Awesome Blog Tips

View more lists from Lisa Buben Are you ready to start making some lists now? Have you explored before? If you have – have you noticed builds traffic to your blog? 


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